Baby paper shoe template


And here it is.. the first surprise for you!
yes.. you understood correctly… the first.. because here at simplyNabiki we want to help you mommies out there sharing templates for free and helping you create faboulous parties for your children!

Thanks to my good and ultra talented friend Linnette from Paper Glitter, also this time I can share the files I used for Kian’s welcome party.. I want to keep some of them as a memory and a personalized gift, butI will publish most of them in the next days, so stay tuned!

Did you like the baby shoe I used on the table to serve meatballs?

2 - Copy

Perfect! Then you will be happy to find the template here today.. for free!!!

You can use it to serve food as I did, or to decorate the table, to personalize invitations, or as little favors.. just use your imagination!

You can download them in two colors here:

Baby Paper Shoes Blue

Baby Paper Shoes Yellow


  1. Hello!!! Thank you very much, I`ve bee looking out for these shoes a long time ago, I`ll have my firts nephew and I want to surprise my sister. Thanks from Brazil.

  2. It’s my first visit to the blog and I loved! I’m brazilian and my nephew will be born in a few days. I’m looking for little things I can make as a surprise to my sister, and I think your lovely ideas will help me so much! Thanks, Tatiana

  3. Thanks for the above downloads. Thanks for sharing your work so freely it is gratefully appreciated. Kindest regards

  4. this is super cute thanks! BUT I just cant figure out what the small roundish piece is in the template. WHat is it for? Also- what do you mean you served meatballs in it??


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