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Chanel Primavera 2015

Si affacciano nel cielo le prime giornate di sole, finalmente le giornate iniziano ad allungarsi e torna la voglia di colore e di primavera.Dovremo...

Tissue holders

I promised myself to make some more pictures of the tissue holders I realized for my nieces for the Back to School party. This...

Elle YSL Beauty Suite

simplyNabiki è blogger ufficiale della suite YSL Beautè con un video tutorial dedicato ad una base viso perfetta  

I’m seeing all violet

Busy with my mom's birthday party preparation and today I am really seeing all in violet ... Almost finished all the decorations and some...

Cloud party hats

We already anticipated that we had more surprises for you...As in all respected parties, you can see celebrations also from the accessories... so, we could...