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Lilac and lavender party

Finally also this is done! The party was really nice and for the first time my mother did not make herself too tired with...

Happy Easter!

I am not crazy! well at least not for real... but I am totally crazy for the new Easter kit created from Paper Glitter!It's...

Printable maniac!

Ho appena comperato su Etsy questi bellissimi templates:La ragazza che li ha disegnati - PaperGlitter- ha anche un bellissimo blog in cui condivide dei...


I wanted to keep all the precious objects that remind me about Nabiki's birth.. the ones coming from the hospital and that she is...

Dior Master Fragrances 2012 – Official Video

Dior Master Fragrances 2012Ecco finalmente, in esclusiva solo su simplyNabiki.com, il video ufficiale Dior dell'edizione Master Fragrances 2012. Come sapete sono stata coinvolta nell'evento, partecipando come...