Picnic party


A while ago, when I saw the beautiful picnic party organized by Love, Ink (you can see the pictures  here), I immediately thought it could have been a beutiful idea to throw a “picnic/afenoon snack party” for all the children who live here…

It is really a little time that we created in the garden a small playground area and this could be the perfect chance to celebrate it and also to create a sort of “children team spirit” to have them play all together and meet the parents…

Despite my big belly I replicated then a picnic party here in Milan, even if it is much smaller and simpler than the one I found on the web…


I did not have so much time (and energies) so I completely re-drew the logo Love Ink created and I also used the same color scheme for decorations and graphic (it was so nice there was nothing I wanted to change).. I prepared invitations and then I spent some time in the kitchen…


I knoew I had only a small table to place in the garden, but luckily there were not so many children so in the end everything had its place…


Since it was only a snack for the afternoon I just prepared some sweet things, with healthy and simple ingredients to please almost every child (and parents too ;-)) .. but to capture attention I also put something colored and funny on the table…


No goodie bags, but there were some meringue baskets for the little ones to take back home…


It was a nice afternoon.. all the children were happy and played together a lot.. last but not least they finally got the chance to know each other better, so at the end of the day they were all together playing, interacting, speaking… Nabiki was so tired this evening she immediately fell asleep.. I wonder if she is dreaming about all her new friends and about all the bubbles they made this afternoon…


For the mommies out there who want to print at home a similar party, here some free printables for you. The files are written in italian but you can easily change them with a graphic program such as Photoshop. Have fun!!!


You can download placemat here: Placemat

You can download bubble labels here: Bubble_label

You can download circle tags here: Circle_tags


  1. This is VERY adorable and so fitting for the children. I am so inspired to do a get together in this theme now. And everything look yummy Ilenia! I am downloading your goodies–thank you!




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