Vanilla bath salts


Today I prepared some vanilla bath salts… a while ago I bought some glass jars (the same you use for food preparations)… I covered the top with normal paper that I made before with my printer. To attach it, I used decoupage glue; in this way the paper was perfectly attached without being damaged.


To prepare salts you can proceed in this way.

Buy some Kosher salt or some death sea salt ( if you cannot find them you can also use some normal salt in big grains)

Fill the jar with salt and then move the salt in a plate (in this way you will only prepare the quantity you really need for your jar). Add some drops of your favorite essential oil (I used vanilla, but you can use the one you like the most). If you want to enphasize the effect you can also add one or two drops of edible color  and then mix everything together.

At last add also some vanilla beans cut in small pieces.. I used the bourbon vanilla, but if you use lavanda for example you will add some dried flowers. Be aware that herbs and flowers won’t dissolve in water so keep that in mind when you add them into your jar. 

Last but not least check if your colors contain vanilline because in time  they could turn them into brown. Have a nice bath!


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