Today I spent two hours ironing 🙁 I was so behind with my schedule for it that I could not avoid it any longer… but I was lucky that Nabiki slept really a lot…. after two hours and a half I had to wake her up…

So I had also 10 minutes to try the mini tompouse I bought in the Netherland last time and that I was curious to try since a long time… since yesterday my husband gave me my fabulous Netbook I though the least I could do was to prepare him something sweets  to snack together in the afternoon:-)


In the Netherlands they are quite used… you can find them in different packages and brands… the one I tried today was actually for children ‘cos it comes with a coloured glaze (pink in my case) and some animal icing decorations.

They seem a lot like our “millefoglie”, but it is so fast to prepare it that it is woprth to have always one package available in case you have unespected guests… in this way the dessert issue is solved;-) I think I will buy them again next ti,e because I want to have my nieces preparing them alone during one of our pijama parties.

Tompouse are so cure.. and delicious.. gnam gnam…



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