Pumpkin meringues


Let’s count together…minus three!


Tonight was meringue night… the recipe is really simple: 4 white eggs and 250 gr of confectionary sugar (I used the vanilla one). Work the white and slowly add the sugar until it becomes swollen, dense and shiny. Then put some of it in a sac a poche and prepare the meringues in the shape you prefere (it will be dense enough to keep the shape you want, but keep in mind that the oven will make them swollen a bit more so don’t place them too close to each other on parchment paper). Cook for 1 hour or more if needed (they need to be very dry) at 100°C


This time I choose the pumpkin shape and I colored it with light orange…


Then with some edible markers I drawed some faces, the green top and some yellow lines to give better the pumpkin idea. I think the result is good… in all senses.. gnam.. gnam…



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  5. These are simply charming! What a great idea! They turned out super cute-I am loving the faces 🙂


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