Chocolate cups


A very cute idea to decorate your table or to serve a special dessert is to realize some small chocolate cups to fill with your favorite cream


How to prepare them?

1. Melt some chicolate using two bowl (one for the chocolate and one with hot water). It is important not to melt it using a microwave because, a part from risking to burn it, the chocolate won’t be enough liquid

2. Drop the chocolate on your table (it is better if you have a marm one) and mixt it using a spatula unti you will have a sort of creamy paste. Then melt it again as you did before. This operation it is useful to reach the liquid status we need to prepare our cups


3. With parchment paper, prepare the cup stamps. Cut small square of about 5 cm each and roll them on your finger or, in alternative,use the end part of your rollingpin. This will help you to have the desired shape.

4. Dip the parchment shapes in the chocolate until 3/4 and cover them completely. Then let them dry on parchment paper again

5. Remove gently chocolate from parchment paper and shapes and.. voilà! Your cups are ready to be filled with your favorite creams.



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