Strawberry meringues


Sunday and what I would not really define as a sunny morning… Only few eggs in the fridge and nothing more… what can I prepare?

Well yes… I could try some meringues in a strawberry shape… they are beautiful and since it’s their season, thay are still appropriate… moreover they bring fun on the table, they are perfect with a fruit salade, a summer coffee or a snack in the garden and, last but not least, they could become a cute gift to give to somebody….


The ingredients I used are always the same… this time I had 4 white eggs and two envelops of icing sugar (250 gr each)… I then put everything in the mixer, separated in two parts to color in pink and green and cooked for one hour at 100 degrees.

The result? Well… if you are making them for kids I suggest you this version:


With edible pencil is really easy and totally safe for them to eat…

If you are searching for something more elegant or you want to donate them, then go for this version:




Store your meringues in a metal box or a jar.. the important thing is to keep them away from the fridge and from humidity… Gnammy… Buon appetito!



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