Halloween test


I am slowly preparing myself for Halloween… so I am checking in my mind what to cook, the snacks I would like to serve, the appetizers, beverages, decorations and of course … sweet things


This is why I started to test a little bit… I begun with a sample of the biscuits I will prepare for my party and I finally decided that they will be in a shape of pumpkins and bats…

The recipe is very simple.. we call it “pasta frolla” (for the pumpkin I used a bit of orange colour in order to give a stronger effect without covering it with icing). Last but not least I made them richer filling them with chocolate cream


I also colour the top of my pumpkin with green.. I think it gives a final touch:-))


The bat is covered with chocolate and I decorated face and wings with coloured icing Isn’t it cute? eheheh. I can ensure you they are also very good!


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