Halloween countdown!


It is almost here!.. only three days and a half for the Halloween party! I am very busy with the preparation but I wanted to share how it is going so we can wait together!


These are some games for the children… for this memory game I combined two different templates.. one is from Tricia Rennea (you can download it from here) … since there was no top for the box and the inside was blank (as the back side of the tiles) I thought it was smart to print one of the pattern I won on Jinjerup instead. I also modified a tiny bit the original scheme to create the top (and make it smaller enough to fit and close the box). Cute, aren’t they?


I also wanted some goodie bags… so I used the set bought on Paper Glitter and I spent the evening cutting, gluing and filling.. this is the result! 


I am very satisfied with the result … they are really cute!!!  And tomorrow I will start with the menu.. Ciao ciao!


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