Fabric notebook project


In these last days I took back a bit my sewing machine.. unfortunately I am not able to dedicate to this activity as much time as I would like to,but days pass really fast and between my job and Nabiki I really have little time for everything else.

It is my intention in any case to prepare a notebook to keep in time in where I will insert all the small sewing and crafting projects I am (and I will) working on, keeping also and eventually re-drawing all the scheme and patterns necessary to repeat them.. the idea behind is to give this notebook to Nabiki once she will be older just in case she wants to try some of them..

fabric project notebook

So I bought a nice hard cover notebook and I sew for it a nice fabric cover… maybe in the future I will also add some decoration in the front facade, but for now it is already a step ahead…

fabric project notebook


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