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Cosmopolitan Italia – Andrea Berni

simplyNabiki intervista Andrea Berni Beauty Director Cosmopolitan Italia  

Thanksgiving printable

Here in Italy we don't celebrate this holiday, even if I presonally think that it should be one of the holiday we could import......

Place cards

Here also the place cards.. But stay tuned because while I was speaking with Paper Glitter in these last days I heard a beautiful...

La Bimba di Le Pandorine a scuola di fiabe e aforismi

Per l’estate 2013, Le Pandorine veste la linea borse Bimba di brio e colori, con un tocco di dolcezza. Le stampe e i celebri...

American girl pioneer party

Who cannot remember the little house in the priarie??? When I saw this birthday party I was fascinated.. I think it is a beautiful...