Original glass


It is true that nowadays you can find everything on the Internet… for example if you try to search using “sippers” as key word, you will find a lot of plastic glass and containers in different shapes and colours to use as glass for your children parties (but also for grownups)

To those who are not afraid to buy via Internet the possibility to make yourself crazy with that is infinitive… but for those who are still not comfortable? or maybe just doesn’t have the time to place an order and wait? well… then there is a special small idea found on the web express for you.


Simply but with the right colours it can be the right detail that turn your party into a special one…one that will be remebered and commented by everybody who was there:-) In this picture the top is very cute because it is shaped one but you can also simply drill a hole into the top of a normal jar (the same you can buy in a supermarket), cut some slice of fruits, put them in the drink and, if you have enough time, add a paper coaster in the same “fruit colour” .

Isn’t enough to surprise?


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