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    lunedì 05 ottobre, 2009

    My name is Ilenia and I am the mother of a beautiful girl named Nabiki, which is the reason behind my site’s name.

    From the moment I became a mother I felt the urge to dedicate my free time to her and to create small objects and projects made with my very own hands: it doesn’t matter if they are cakes, sewing projects or maybe organizing an event.


    Creating and planning are my passions and they really relax me.. I like to see the result of my efforts, the smile on my guest faces during a party meaning they are pleased from the small details they find and see that they are having fun, feeling special.

    To host a party for me it is not just invite some people over, but also make them feel comfortable, entertein them with some activities, let them prepare for the event like they are part of something magical that has to happen (maybe creating a theme) and finally, leave them something that will help remember that day…

    II hope that in my site you will find many useful ideas to discover again the pleasure in doing such things by yourself and doing it with a touch of extra creativity!

    Thanks for your visit and please, do contact me if you have questions, doubts or if you want to simply share new ideas. On the left menu you will find the contact page with my e-mail address.